Referral Firms

As a law firm which provides specialist advice in just two areas: Commercial Litigation and Insolvency and Bankruptcy matters, we welcome building cross-referral relationships with other local law firms, foreign law firms, insolvency practitioners, accountancy firms, brokers, financial advisers and financial institutions.

Given our specialism and deep experience, referrers can be confident that we will deliver their client an excellent service, delivering the best possible outcome.

Referral Law Firms

Our Referrer Promise

  • We will not try to ‘steal’ your client relationship
  • We will give your client an excellent client experience, and deliver the best possible outcome for your client
  • We will deliver high quality, timely and dependable legal advice and representation
  • We will actively look for matters which we can cross-refer to you
  • We will not treat your client as a ‘cash-cow’ but we will look for ways to deliver an excellent legal service with the best possible outcome 

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